Album Update #1 ~ Demos.

Ben Lawrence
2 min readJan 12, 2022

It’s early January 2022 and I’ve just sent off the majority of completed demos to my producer Iain. It’s a breathe out moment. Some of these songs have taken me years to write and experiment with. I’ve been chasing a sound for what feels like half a lifetime and it’s almost as though I’ve finally cracked it. The true test will be whether these songs stand up to the production process and the rigours of putting them through their paces in the studio. I’m nervous and excited to see them flourish under Iain’s guidance and skill.

Though I’ve technically not got much to show you, this is a big milestone. I’ve poured myself over these songs in my home studio, going back and forth between sounds and structures, agonizingly pulling out each moment of gold. Sometimes I’ve got off to a good start only to come back the next day and scrap everything. The creative process can be a fulfilling but mentally exhausting exercise of experimentation, disappointment and elation. I love it.

I’m coming at the idea of making this album from the perspective of a through and through music lover. Constantly admonishing someone else’s songs over mine and wondering whether what I create can live up to those I aspire to sound like. It’s easy to trip yourself up in comparison, but I’m learning to take that inspiration and apply it lightly to how I would intuitively create. It’s been a fantastic journey of creative discovery for me.

In early February Iain will fly down from Glasgow for two days of pre-production with me and my band here in Norwich. It’ll be the first time we’ve actually met in person after months of discussions and chatting online. I’m excited to get this project properly underway.

Keep on moving.

~ Ben

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Ben Lawrence

I’m Ben, a songwriter and filmmaker from Norwich, UK. I’m currently on a journey to record an album of songs written after losing my brother to cancer.