Album Update #3 ~ Drum Tracking.

Ben Lawrence
2 min readApr 13, 2022

Last Monday we left at the crack of dawn and drove seven hours north. Our destination, Glasgow. Luckily the roads were clear and the journey seemed to fly by. We arrived at GloWorm Studios, in the heart of Glasgow, at about three in the afternoon and unloaded our gear for a busy week of drum tracking ahead.

Over the next four days we spent a surreal amount of time in a room on the other side of the country as Jack pounded away in the room next door. We were privileged to have access to some fantastic equipment at the studio including a vintage Ludwig drum kit and all manner of microphones and outboard gear. The sound that Iain achieved was truly outstanding and his attention to detail is incredible.

We tailored our snare drum and cymbal choices per song, honing in the sound by tuning and retuning, dampening and repositioning mics. Each song was able to have it’s own flavour and I’m excited about the results. The songs are really starting to come to life.

Jack put in a shift each day doing take after take until we were pleased we’d got all we needed and Sarah kept us fed and watered. Ben Lambert took some incredible photos and footage for our documentary, it was a real team effort. We were also introduced by Iain to some fantastic coffee and food outlets near to the studio.

The final day was spent working on the title track, a song that I’ve struggled to nail down drum parts for. Under Iain’s guidance, the song really started to fall into place and the time felt extremely productive. We ended our time in the studio by laying down some 80’s roto tom sounds. I even got to play some!

Next up, Bass.

Keep on moving.
~ Ben



Ben Lawrence

I’m Ben, a songwriter and filmmaker from Norwich, UK. I’m currently on a journey to record an album of songs written after losing my brother to cancer.