Album Update #4 ~ Bass.

Over the latter part of last week, our bassist Joe, Sarah and I gathered in my little home studio and started to lay down some low end. I was really glad to be able to use Dan’s old Ampeg SVT bass amp as the basis for the tones we recorded, running a DI input and a mic’d cabinet. My wife Mel and I had spent a little while prior ‘redecorating’ our third bedroom to become a makeshift live room for the cabinet, using old duvets, pillows and blankets to control the sound as much as possible. Unless I hear otherwise I think we managed to avoid disturbing our neighbour too!

A lot of people overlook how important a solid bass line to a song can be. The truth is that a well crafted bass part can be the groundwork to making your track awesome. Think of your favourite song and you probably can’t place what the bassline is doing, but go and take another listen and I bet you’ll be surprised. Alternatively, turn all the bass down on your car stereo the next time you’re in it and I bet that some of what makes the song so great to you will be missing.

I can’t thank Joe enough for the effort he’s put into this project. Everyone who is playing on this record is doing it for free, payment wise at least, but the value they are pouring in is immeasurable. We made a fantastic start and I’m looking forward to hearing how these bass tones create the bedrock of what we create in the studio.

In less than a fortnight’s time I head back up to Glasgow for a two week stint in the studio. This will be the main session for recording guitars, synths, vocals, keys and percussion. It’s make or break time for this record, so thanks for all of your support and encouragement.

Keep on moving.
~ Ben



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Ben Lawrence

I’m Ben, a songwriter and filmmaker from Norwich, UK. I’m currently on a journey to record an album of songs written after losing my brother to cancer.